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1. A BRIEF Description of the item. You may include picture(s) of the item if convenient for you to do so, or just send us description only. State condition of the item: Please state if it need repairs or is in good form. We will list the item and its description on this site free.

2. Mention Your Location. Exact address is not necessary.

3. Phone Number To Be Contacted By Items Potential Receivers:

If you wish to be contacted directly by a potential receiver, please include a phone number for contacting you. Depending on your country realities, we advise potential givers to get a new Mobile line for this purpose (in some countries lines are no longer expensive; there are free lines too – from some service providers). You may use your regular phone number or for sake of privacy, you may use a new line for purpose of communication for giving items out and also for other privacy protection purposes. You may use an alias as the name of the giver for potential receivers to contact. You may use the phone number of a third party (a person you wish to be contacted). Or send us a text message or e-mail and request us to do the mediation communication with callers to select an appropriate receiver after listing the item you wish to give out. We will subsequently send you information of who is in need  of the item. In any case, your identity is not necessary to be revealed if you so desire.

4. Mention expected residential area of who should request for the item, for reason of easy collection of item.